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Group and Volunteer Lists

Group and Volunteer Arrivals By Year

This graphic helps visualize the changing pattern of group and volunteer arrivals over the years.  Peace Corps' early years typically had multiple training groups arriving each year.  However, since 1997, there has typically been one training group per year. The number of volunteers arriving each year has also changed over time. 

List of Groups

The Peace Corps Thailand List of Groups is a master list of all groups from 1962 to the present and includes the years of service, the number of volunteers, the programs in which volunteers served, the location where the group trained and the PC Thailand Country Director when the group arrived in Thailand.

Volunteer Lists

The following in-country rosters are snapshots listing all volunteers serving in Thailand as of a certain date.  The lists include volunteers across multiple groups and programs.

We are looking for more lists like these. 
We believe more lists like these exist.  If you have one, please let us know. We would love to add it to the archive.

    Peace Corps/Thailand Volunteer Regional Location List - as of October 14, 1966

    Peace Corps Thailand Peace Corps Volunteers - November 1, 1966

    Peace Corps Thailand Peace Corps Volunteers - June 12, 1967

    Peace Corps Volunteer -  October 1, 1971

    PC Thailand Volunteer Lists Combined - 22 Nov 1985 through 1 Nov 1987